Rubber Roofing (EPDM)

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RUBBER ROOFING has been around a long time. It has been used extensively covering flat roofs in the USA and Europe for more than 40 years. Thus it has a proven track record. All the life expectancy claims are based on actual use in extreme conditions from arctic Alaska to sweltering Dubai. It has been laid in sizes from 20,000 sq ft to a 4 ft sq chicken coop such is RUBBER ROOFING’S versatility


With it’s extreme flexibility and durability RUBBER ROOFING is the ideal covering for all kinds of roofs not just flat roofs or small roofs but pitched and extremely large roofs. Because of its ease of laying it is also suitable for gutters, valleys, dormer roofs, and out buildings.

Once installed, RUBBER ROOFING does not require any further coatings to properly maintain the roof. Annual clean up of debris, leaves and things along those lines are recommended

RUBBER ROOFING is produced with recycled materials and is reused in the production of other building materials, making it an eco-friendly option for low-slope roofs

RUBBER ROOFING lasts on average from 12 to 25 years. However, environmental conditions need to be taken into account. The building type and the expected foot traffic are a factor. After a rain pour, the amount of water retained and its evaporation rate also affect the longevity of RUBBER ROOFING




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