Clay is regarded as the premium roofing material, it is a natural and sustainable roofing product which benefits from inherent strength and a rich colour that will never fade. Clay roof tiles are available in many shapes and sizes and due to clay being a versatile material, roof tiles can be handmade or machine made.

Clay pantiles began to appear in the 17th century as Dutch and Flemish imports, and their use tended to be confined to eastern and north eastern counties , while clay plain tiles predominated in the Midlands and the South. The exception to this was the Bridgwater pantile from Somerset which had a wide local distribution. 

 Today there is a growing interest in clay tiles due to its natural material, together with their reducing price due to the employment of latest ceramic technology means their use has now spread to most areas. Clay is an incredibly versatile material; it can be instantly aged and even made to look like natural slate. Advances in manufacturing techniques coupled with innovative design mean that the premium aesthetics and natural properties of clay are more affordable than ever before